Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes

You’d like to keep track your traffic and the view counts of your content, one time it keeps increasing, and then one time it suddenly just stop. What happened? What blocks people from coming to your site? SEO Malaysia would love to sort this out for you and here are the most common SEO mistakes that prevent people from accessing your site:

  • SEO Pitfalls

Sometimes, it is not your content, but more to the way your site is not build accordingly to SEO purpose. Hence, people cannot find your site, not that they do not want to read it. SEO works on keywords, meta titles, images, alt image tags, headlines, and so on. You need to ensure your content has those elements, otherwise your site would not even be crawlable by search engine machine.

  • Wrong or No Keywords

Your content should contain relevant keywords that people are actually use in order to find similar information. There are free to paid tools online that you can use to search for the correct keywords that are mostly used by your targeted audience. You should also be careful to not stuff your site with too many keywords, as Google might penalize sites with keyword stuffing.

  • Uninteresting Content

It is one thing to have quality content yet people cannot access your site, and it is another thing to actually have low quality content that people do not want to read, even though they can access your site. Level up your content by doing proper research of what people are currently looking for, use keyword planners, and schedule your post strategically. Boost your content readability.

SEO Malaysia avoids all these pitfalls. We ensure quality site, quality content, for your quality customers. Do not let your negligence get in the way of your site visibility.


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